5 ways how your business can benefit using Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud computing is definitely the future of businesses. Since past few years, Cloud computing is being widely used. It’s a new way of doing business. Cloud has made it easier for enterprises to get an edge over others in this digital era. Cloud stores and manage data, run applications and services like analytics, intelligence and content delivery. Organizations across the world are turning to cloud computing services to help reduce their data storage costs, organised workflows and enhanced decision-making. This also help managers to access everything online via internet. Microsoft Azure Cloud is the best example of Cloud Computing.

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure Cloud is one of the most used and popular cloud-computing platform on the internet. Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based technology that provides solutions for businesses by hiring a Microsoft Team. It’s an effective Microsoft Consulting Services and Solution. This cloud service helps business face and overcome its challenging environment. It has advanced significantly in the past few years.

Azure is a public cloud platform. Its primary focus is to build, deploy, and manage apps using development tools and frameworks. This makes data accessing more quickly and easily, anywhere. It is an ever-growing, open and flexible platform to create business solutions. Fully integrated with all Microsoft products, Azure Cloud provides security, storage and customized solutions.

Microsoft Azure provides these 3 solutions to organisations:

  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)


Why business entrust their data and applications with Microsoft Azure cloud?

What makes Microsoft Azure a favoured choice?

Let us know.

Here are 5 ways how your business can benefit using Microsoft Azure Cloud. This will also clear you why it’s a worthy investment. 

1. Data Security

Security is a major concern of companies these days because of increasing cyber crime. Microsoft solves this problem. Microsoft has designed Azure keeping security factor as the priority to protect business data. When the enterprise’s server is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, Microsoft’s Data Centre Security protects it. It has Key Vault feature that secures passwords, keys and sensitive data.

Certainly, every year Microsoft invests around $1 billion for its cyber security R&D. Microsoft Azure Cloud has the tightest security and privacy features available. It’s transparency lets you know how the data is accessed, stored and secured. Their technology, policies and controls, all together results in enhanced security and protection of data, apps and infrastructure.

Azure Cloud offers administered and controlled infrastructure, multi-level protection, compliance certifications, with off-site backups. It also provides various security measures like link encryptions, data encryptions, DoS protection, threat detection and cryptographic protection messages. All these measures ensure a high level security.

In addition, Azure timely reminds its users to upgrade or enable new protection features when needed. It has a global response Microsoft Team that works 24/7 to deal with cyber threat.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability needs increase the need to manage capital more effectively. Traditional remote servers don’t provide business with effective scalability. This affects business performance. Here Microsoft Azure Cloud solves the problem. One of the biggest benefit of using Azure is Scalability. Regardless of the business size, Azure meets all business needs and is easily scalable. Microsoft Azure Implementation provides 100% scalability.

Azure provides pay-as-you-go facility, eliminating the need for restructuring infrastructure. It makes easy for business to increase/decrease and allocate/reallocate resources and services depending upon the needs and requirements. With pre-setup, just a single click upgrades to the higher service levels for more resource requirements. And when the need decreases, its easy to cut down these higher services.

Azure’s flexibility makes it easy for business to scale up the data storage capability. And ultimately this efficient storage facility helps in integrating data and processes scalability.

The 3 main facility Azure provides are :

  • Flexible and Scalable service levels
  • Storage locations Flexibility
  • Flexible coding languages
3. Cost-Effective IT Infrastructure

Many businesses spend a lot on building and supporting their in-house servers. This includes software, licenses and equipment cost and human staff to manage them. Businesses also pay for hardware and maintenance cost. Microsoft Azure saves up all these costs. It is a significantly more efficient and cost-effective solution for business than hosting its own data servers.

Azure offers you features trials, to test the technology first and then pay for what you need. As stated earlier, the Pay-as-you-go payment facility makes Azure very budget-effective for businesses. Its integrated development environment allows the business team to master the platform easily.

Azure makes it easy and fast for business to transfer their in-house software licenses and use their current apps effectively. It’s PaaS Services, let Microsoft team build only apps and software in need, without having to buy infrastructure. With Azure’s internal apps and customer apps, IT cost cuts down to nil. Also, Azure keeps on updating its offerings, by providing new services to increase its functionality.

4. Disaster Recovery and Backup

Companies often lose their important data to poor recovery and backup facility. Data Disasters may happen with any business, but what matters is how planned is your recovery facility. Every business should be prepared with a disaster recovery plan.

You can any day trust Microsoft Azure Cloud with your data recovery and backup. Azure is the 1st public cloud to offer native Disaster Recovery Solution for apps running on IaaS. Azure comes with in-built Disaster/ Site Recovery Feature and end-to-end Backup. It is an easy, secure and cost-effective solution. This also let’s you recover and restore your data within hours. It has strong encryption features. It’s regional and global, high-speed infrastructure provides many data recovery solutions. You can also customize these solutions according to the business needs.

Microsoft Azure’s backup facility can back up from your data to the entire system. It backs up all your data stored in cloud by securing it in another trusted server within the Microsoft Network. It has on-site data storage plans. Also, cloud backups are easily accessible than the traditional server options.

Using Azure ensures uninterrupted service, even when a disaster strikes.

5. Analytical Support

Azure provides businesses with Analytical Services. It is a PaaS solution which provides data models in the cloud. From combining data through various sources to define metrics to securing data in semantic data model, Azure does it all. This data model helps in data analysis using tools like Excel and Power BI.

Azure’s seamless integration with other Microsoft tools like Office 365, Microsoft 365, Power BI helps makes it more effective to analyse the data and results. Azure provides users with a comprehensive set of solutions that provides insights of your data. Moreover, HDInsights is the most powerful Azure Analytics Tool.

Azure has managed SQL and NoSQL services that benefits business and provides built-in support to gain insights. All these services help business to get in-depth details and improve business decision-making & performance effectively.


In Conclusion, these are some dimensions that makes Microsoft Azure Cloud as most preferred computing platform in the market. From financial to educational to retail, organisations in every industry are using Microsoft Azure to grow their market share and save on infrastructure costs. To sum up, it’s an ideal solution for startups, small business, enterprises and corporations. A shift to Azure will be very cost-effective and secure solution for your business.

With all these benefits put together, the business will ultimately run more effectively and efficiently. This will increase profitability and hence company’s customer service and experience.

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