A Beginner’s guide to understand what is Microsoft Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a Microsoft Power Platform (a suite of products that is designed for non-developers). Released in 2016, PowerApps is currently available in 42 Countries. Businesses use it to create unique and creative applications to support multiple business functions. Also, businesses can build apps to solve their business problem.

Microsoft Power Apps

Are you looking for Power Apps Solutions to drive business productivity?

Do you want to know about Power Apps and how they help business?

So, let’s go further and learn about Microsoft Power Apps.

What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a Microsoft’s development platform, designed for building web and mobile applications. It allows users to build custom business applications using templates quickly. It is also known as a low code tool. Because it requires low or no conventional coding, but just formulas to build the app.

Power Apps builds apps that connect to multiple data sources, like Power BI, SharePoint, Azure SQL, Outlook, Excel, and others. Also, it can connect external data sources as well. Once the app is ready, you can publish, connect and share it with your business team on multiple devices, like Mobile, Laptop, Tab.

It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to build quick and efficient applications. You can build user-friendly and responsive designs. Though, these apps need to comply with the corporate rules and policies.

Some key features are:

  • Cloud-based Platform
  • Top security with multifactor authentication
  • Allows integration with other Power Platform Products
  • Dataverse Connectivity

What types of apps can you build in Power Apps?

In Microsoft Power Apps you can create three types of apps:

1. Canvas Apps –

Canvas Apps are built using no-code, drag-and-drop app builder within Power Apps. Users can build app using a visual editor and can preview the app. Custom apps can connect with over 200 data sources including Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server, cloud services, and on-premise databases.

Power Apps’s apps can run in a web browser, or through a ‘player’ app on i0S and Android. Also, the app can run offline in mobile devices. These apps let you easily organize and interface by positioning controls and fields in a “pixel-perfect” user experience. The idea behind this is to integrate business knowledge and creativity in the app design. 

There are 3 ways you can choose from to create Canvas App:

  • Using Data Source to build app
  • Applying a Template to build app
  • Starting everything from scratch

2. Model-driven Apps –

Model-driven Apps are more logic-focused applications. It offers less visual control and more advanced capabilities like charting, dashboard, and workflow. The design of these apps depends upon the components included. Model-driven Apps require Common Data Services access to be built. This helps in rapid process, form and business rules building. These apps are best suited for back-office business work.

3. Portal Apps –

Portal Apps let you build external-facing websites graphically. This allows external user to sign in with a multiple sign in options. It includes content management and security features. And users can build forms that connect data in the Dataverse database.

Microsoft Power Apps Functions

1. Search Function:

PowerApps Search Function helps to locate the records that contain required string. This string can be anywhere in the column.

2. Filter Function:

PowerApps Filter Function helps to locate the records that fulfill a particular Formula or a condition.

3. Lookup Function:

PowerApps Lookup Function helps to locate a record based on the formula first and then uses a reduction formula to reduce the record to a single value. 

Applications of Microsoft Power Apps

  • Create quick and custom Apps using templates and visual designs that works on all major devices.
  • Power Apps include Azure app services, so to help employees get mobile apps quickly in their devices.
  • Power Apps build data connections and APIs with existing business systems. Thus, helping employees develop apps as per their needs.
  • Power Apps maintain data access and corporate policies, by focusing on privacy and data security issues.
  • Users can even share their Custom Apps like documents.
  • Power Apps can connect to cloud services using built-in connections.

Advantages of using Microsoft Power Apps

  1. Easy App Creation
  2. Connects to Multiple Data Sources
  3. Cost-effective Solution
  4. Integrated with Microsoft Flow
  5. Efficient User Interface 


Microsoft Power Apps allows users to speed up the business apps development process. It is a very cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses. They allow you to design better custom apps for solving your business needs.

So, Hopefully this blog post has helped you with your understanding of Power Apps and their importance in any business organization.

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5 Reasons why Power BI be considered as your Business Solution?

Power BI

In today’s advanced world, businesses operate in diverse market, and with diverse customer base. With rapidly emerging new technologies, managing customer needs is quite a challenge. Customers have clearly defined needs and budgets. Therefore, businesses need to offer quality products and services to succeed.

And this success clearly relies on how managed is business data and effectiveness of the business decisions. That’s where Business Intelligence Software comes in action. It helps in complex decision making and data management.

This is the era of Business Intelligence. BI provides real-time solutions. It helps businesses to be agile, effective and competitive. Many companies in the market specialize in business intelligence solutions. But Microsoft stands out from them all. Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Power BI as the best solution provider.

Thinking about implementing BI Solutions for your business?


Is Microsoft Power BI right for your business?

Let’s go further to know what is Power BI and why it’s worthy for your business.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based Business Analytics Tool based on Business Intelligence Technology. It is one of the leading BI tools in the market. This tool interacts with data, analyze it and turns it into meaningful and intelligent insights. It can connect data from multiple sources, including on-premise and cloud-based platforms.

Compared to other tools, it has many advantages. It offers interactive dashboards, rich visualizations and quick reports. Also, you can share them on the web and across mobile devices. Business can benefit with data modeling, data shaping and real time analytics.

Microsoft Power BI offer different products for different business needs. For instance:

Power BI Desktop, Pro, Premium, Report Server, Mobile, Embedded.

Now that you know about Microsoft Power BI, let’s learn why it’s the best choice for your business.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why Power BI be considered as your Business Solution.

1. Real-time information and streaming

With streaming data becoming more popular, every business demands it. Microsoft Power BI offers Real-time information and streaming.

This feature provides you with:

  • Push and stream datasets in real-time
  • Shows real-time visuals
  • Update dashboards and reports in real-time

These stream data sources can be social media sources, factory sensors or anything which provides time-sensitive data. All these together, allow users with quick problem solutions and can foresee future opportunities. This gives companies an edge over others using outdated information.

2. Open-Source Visualization

Another benefit that Microsoft Power BI provides is visualization. It is flexible and doesn’t stick with one solution for all. Microsoft offers visual SDK in Power BI.

It comes with pre-packed, open-source, enormous library of rich data visuals for enhancing reports. For example, matrix, table, pie charts, bar, column, map, scatter and line. Each of these also provides customization for better presentation and functionality. These amazing and interactive visualizations provide great value to users.

However, you can also create your own custom visuals from scratch. It has a drag-and-drop customization feature. It’s very easy and innovative to create visuals. They even offer integration with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Excel and SQL Server.

3. Power Apps Visual

Firstly, if you are unfamiliar with Power Apps, Power Apps is a tool that enables users to create and use business apps. These apps can run on web browsers & operating systems like Android, Windows and iOS. These apps don’t even need coding experience and provides simplified interface.

If you use Power Apps, you can use Power Apps Visual in your Power BI Report.  Using the Power Apps Visual, you can pass contextual data to your custom Power App. This provides users access to real-time data insights. Even when you make changes, users will get the updates.

This makes easy for business to share data insights with staff who only have the access of the custom app. It can share the insights quickly and the feedbacks will be quicker and apt.

4. Cortana Integration

Cortana is Microsoft’s personal Digital Assistant. It is a very smart and reliable platform. Also, it is the first voice interface for Power BI. When you integrate Cortana with Power BI, you can develop amazing Business Intelligence Solutions.

Users can ask questions, either by typing or verbally, and can get instant access to visualised data like charts, reports, graphics. The verbal feature is specifically helpful for mobile users. You can ask questions and can get rich, data-driven answers.

Cortana works seamlessly with business analytics solutions and provides answers directly from business datasets. It can answer multi-tier questions.

5. Value-added Features

Besides above features, Microsoft Power BI offers some value-added features as well for more enhanced functioning.

  • Data Modeling

Data Modeling connects multiple data sources in BI tool. A well-developed BI model creates strong BI solution. Power BI is packed with efficient data modeling features. With this feature users can build custom calculations in existing tables. And, can present it through Powe BI visualizations. This helps business define new metrics.

  • Data Shaping

Data Shaping is extracting data from multiple sources, shaping that data as per the need and then loading it into Power BI. Power BI offers built-in tool Power Query Editor, which is flexible and has a lot of features. You can do Data Shaping using this tool. This tool also offers users to dig deeper into the DAX Language.


It’s no doubt why Microsoft Power BI is so popular among businesses these days. All these above reasons clearly state it’s value in market. It stays ahead of its competition in the market. It unlocks new ways for BI Solutions.

So, if you are looking for better reporting and analyzing platform, Microsoft Power BI is your solution. It’s the right time to take advantage of it’s tools and services to improve your business BI Solutions. With Power BI you can easily visualize and analyze data, get better insights, interactive dashboards, and rich data reports. In-short it helps in quick and smart business decision making.

Hire Power BI Developer

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So, get the most out of Microsoft Power BI using our services. Connect with Firebrain Solutions today to get hire Power BI Developer and get other Microsoft Solutions for your business.

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5 ways how your business can benefit using Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud computing is definitely the future of businesses. Since past few years, Cloud computing is being widely used. It’s a new way of doing business. Cloud has made it easier for enterprises to get an edge over others in this digital era. Cloud stores and manage data, run applications and services like analytics, intelligence and content delivery. Organizations across the world are turning to cloud computing services to help reduce their data storage costs, organised workflows and enhanced decision-making. This also help managers to access everything online via internet. Microsoft Azure Cloud is the best example of Cloud Computing.

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure Cloud is one of the most used and popular cloud-computing platform on the internet. Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based technology that provides solutions for businesses by hiring a Microsoft Team. It’s an effective Microsoft Consulting Services and Solution. This cloud service helps business face and overcome its challenging environment. It has advanced significantly in the past few years.

Azure is a public cloud platform. Its primary focus is to build, deploy, and manage apps using development tools and frameworks. This makes data accessing more quickly and easily, anywhere. It is an ever-growing, open and flexible platform to create business solutions. Fully integrated with all Microsoft products, Azure Cloud provides security, storage and customized solutions.

Microsoft Azure provides these 3 solutions to organisations:

  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)


Why business entrust their data and applications with Microsoft Azure cloud?

What makes Microsoft Azure a favoured choice?

Let us know.

Here are 5 ways how your business can benefit using Microsoft Azure Cloud. This will also clear you why it’s a worthy investment. 

1. Data Security

Security is a major concern of companies these days because of increasing cyber crime. Microsoft solves this problem. Microsoft has designed Azure keeping security factor as the priority to protect business data. When the enterprise’s server is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, Microsoft’s Data Centre Security protects it. It has Key Vault feature that secures passwords, keys and sensitive data.

Certainly, every year Microsoft invests around $1 billion for its cyber security R&D. Microsoft Azure Cloud has the tightest security and privacy features available. It’s transparency lets you know how the data is accessed, stored and secured. Their technology, policies and controls, all together results in enhanced security and protection of data, apps and infrastructure.

Azure Cloud offers administered and controlled infrastructure, multi-level protection, compliance certifications, with off-site backups. It also provides various security measures like link encryptions, data encryptions, DoS protection, threat detection and cryptographic protection messages. All these measures ensure a high level security.

In addition, Azure timely reminds its users to upgrade or enable new protection features when needed. It has a global response Microsoft Team that works 24/7 to deal with cyber threat.

2. Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability needs increase the need to manage capital more effectively. Traditional remote servers don’t provide business with effective scalability. This affects business performance. Here Microsoft Azure Cloud solves the problem. One of the biggest benefit of using Azure is Scalability. Regardless of the business size, Azure meets all business needs and is easily scalable. Microsoft Azure Implementation provides 100% scalability.

Azure provides pay-as-you-go facility, eliminating the need for restructuring infrastructure. It makes easy for business to increase/decrease and allocate/reallocate resources and services depending upon the needs and requirements. With pre-setup, just a single click upgrades to the higher service levels for more resource requirements. And when the need decreases, its easy to cut down these higher services.

Azure’s flexibility makes it easy for business to scale up the data storage capability. And ultimately this efficient storage facility helps in integrating data and processes scalability.

The 3 main facility Azure provides are :

  • Flexible and Scalable service levels
  • Storage locations Flexibility
  • Flexible coding languages
3. Cost-Effective IT Infrastructure

Many businesses spend a lot on building and supporting their in-house servers. This includes software, licenses and equipment cost and human staff to manage them. Businesses also pay for hardware and maintenance cost. Microsoft Azure saves up all these costs. It is a significantly more efficient and cost-effective solution for business than hosting its own data servers.

Azure offers you features trials, to test the technology first and then pay for what you need. As stated earlier, the Pay-as-you-go payment facility makes Azure very budget-effective for businesses. Its integrated development environment allows the business team to master the platform easily.

Azure makes it easy and fast for business to transfer their in-house software licenses and use their current apps effectively. It’s PaaS Services, let Microsoft team build only apps and software in need, without having to buy infrastructure. With Azure’s internal apps and customer apps, IT cost cuts down to nil. Also, Azure keeps on updating its offerings, by providing new services to increase its functionality.

4. Disaster Recovery and Backup

Companies often lose their important data to poor recovery and backup facility. Data Disasters may happen with any business, but what matters is how planned is your recovery facility. Every business should be prepared with a disaster recovery plan.

You can any day trust Microsoft Azure Cloud with your data recovery and backup. Azure is the 1st public cloud to offer native Disaster Recovery Solution for apps running on IaaS. Azure comes with in-built Disaster/ Site Recovery Feature and end-to-end Backup. It is an easy, secure and cost-effective solution. This also let’s you recover and restore your data within hours. It has strong encryption features. It’s regional and global, high-speed infrastructure provides many data recovery solutions. You can also customize these solutions according to the business needs.

Microsoft Azure’s backup facility can back up from your data to the entire system. It backs up all your data stored in cloud by securing it in another trusted server within the Microsoft Network. It has on-site data storage plans. Also, cloud backups are easily accessible than the traditional server options.

Using Azure ensures uninterrupted service, even when a disaster strikes.

5. Analytical Support

Azure provides businesses with Analytical Services. It is a PaaS solution which provides data models in the cloud. From combining data through various sources to define metrics to securing data in semantic data model, Azure does it all. This data model helps in data analysis using tools like Excel and Power BI.

Azure’s seamless integration with other Microsoft tools like Office 365, Microsoft 365, Power BI helps makes it more effective to analyse the data and results. Azure provides users with a comprehensive set of solutions that provides insights of your data. Moreover, HDInsights is the most powerful Azure Analytics Tool.

Azure has managed SQL and NoSQL services that benefits business and provides built-in support to gain insights. All these services help business to get in-depth details and improve business decision-making & performance effectively.


In Conclusion, these are some dimensions that makes Microsoft Azure Cloud as most preferred computing platform in the market. From financial to educational to retail, organisations in every industry are using Microsoft Azure to grow their market share and save on infrastructure costs. To sum up, it’s an ideal solution for startups, small business, enterprises and corporations. A shift to Azure will be very cost-effective and secure solution for your business.

With all these benefits put together, the business will ultimately run more effectively and efficiently. This will increase profitability and hence company’s customer service and experience.

Hire Microsoft Azure Service Provider

Firebrain Solutions is a Microsoft Consulting Services and Solution Provider. Hire our Microsoft Team to help you with Azure Implementation. Our Microsoft team will help your organisation save time and money in the cloud with the Azure platform and productivity solutions. Also, we will assist and guide your business to move forward to higher levels using Microsoft Azure Platform.

So, get the most out of Microsoft Azure using our services. Connect with Firebrain Solutions today to get Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft Solutions for your business.

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How Microsoft Consulting Services can actually boost business profit?

Microsoft Consulting Services

In this fast-paced changing business world, every business needs to keep-up with its services accordingly. To boost profits, businesses need to be more efficient, provide best quality services and serve their customers with 100% satisfaction. Customers are getting more educated and setting high service standards. They expect top value and outcomes for their money. However, if businesses cannot meet expectations, customers will eventually walk out.

So, to boost profits, keep your customers and succeed, you need to enhance efficiency of your business. Businesses need to be more flexible and constantly moving with the latest trends and advancement. Also, you need to stay ahead of the competitors.

But how can you do that? Microsoft Consulting Services & Solutions is your solution.

What are Microsoft Consulting Services & Solutions?

Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) propose innovative and high-impact solutions for the business. These services help business plan, implement, and adopt the business solutions. They provide tools to help your business boost profit and improve performance. Microsoft tools and features assist business optimize its cost and implement profitable marketing operations. MCS includes a team of digital advisors and consultants.

Some of the Microsoft Consulting Services & Solutions facilities are:

  • Data & Artificial Intelligence(AI)
  • Business Applications
  • Applications & Infrastructure
  • Digital Advisory Services Program
  • Solution Delivery
  • IT & Security Service
  • Enhanced User Experience

Let’s know how Microsoft Consulting Services helps business achieve high-end solutions.

Here are five ways :

1. Cost Savings

Today cost saving is every organisation’s prior concern. The more cost saving, more is the profit. Microsoft Consulting Services & Solutions can save up to 30% of your cost and optimize operations. MCS effectively uses their tools to optimize company’s resources to its full potential. They effectively plan, implement and adopt the business solutions that reduce the undue costs.

All the services focus on online business implementations which reduce physical costs of the business. This helps reduce cost by enabling remote work, virtual help, accelerates customer value. Business Microsoft Team can further utilise the cost savings in other capabilities and potential growth areas. This ultimately improves productivity and boosts profit. With everything put together, your business will have a cost-effective solution.

2. Improve Workflow & Time Management

With cost savings, time management and workflow are another business concern. If the business doesn’t maintain a great workflow and time management, the business might go on a rough path. That’s where Microsoft Consulting Services comes.

MCS’s innovative and advanced solutions help you save up your time while maintaining a proper workflow. Eliminating repetitive processes will acutely improve the business workflow, allowing more time to focus on other things. These services provide resources that improve business functionality. They make businesses optimize time and improve workflow. And this ultimately maximizes the profits.

3. Convert Information Technology into Business Solutions

Customers demand advanced solutions to their needs. They no longer accept just anything for their money. They demand value. To add value, Microsoft Consulting Services help companies explore with Information Technologies. Advanced and enhanced technology results in better business thinking. This makes business in pace with the latest technology.

In short, Microsoft Team helps business mould information technology for the business into new and innovative solutions. Microsoft’s advanced service provides business with custom solutions. These include multi-platform services, digital help, resource adaptation, intelligent business applications, AI-driven insights, modernize applications and more.

4. Enhanced Social Media Marketing Campaigns

We all know how Social Media Marketing is gaining popularity among businesses to improve their services. Social Media holds huge marketing potential for businesses to grow. But managing business, social media accounts and maintaining them is quite a hassle. So, Microsoft Consulting Services & Solutions solves this problem.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 serves as a central system and helps to manage all social platforms. With better marketing campaigns, business sales improve returning more profits. Dynamics 365 helps monitor, control and reach out to potential customers. With MCS you can even get significant leads from social medias easily. They use tools effectively to plan and implement the goals. Microsoft Team management improves productivity and creates efficient marketing campaigns.

5. Efficient communication System

Without an effective and strong communication system, a business is nothing. Microsoft services comprise a lot of resourceful tools that increases business efficiency. These tools combined provide a quick and efficient communication system.

With advanced technologies, business can manage and trace customers easily. This will lead to an effective customer relations management system. The innovative Microsoft solutions increase the productivity. This ultimately improves customer experience and satisfaction that keeps customers, which at the end boosts profit. These services also enhance the employee communication system and boost employee engagement.


Microsoft Consulting Services & Solutions introduces innovation and helps your enterprise grow. A Microsoft Team assist business to implement and adapt with the Microsoft products, software, devices and services. It helps you to foresee, understand and resolve future opportunities.

In Conclusion, Microsoft Team helps you in everything starting from planning, executing, evaluating an improving your business operations and online presence. The consultants help your business in different areas like data security, desktop management, business solutions, company social media, business mobility, financial solutions, and also the business content management. To stay ahead in the race of this competitive business world, efficiently use all Microsoft tools.

Hire Microsoft Team

Firebrain Solutions is a Microsoft Consulting Services and Solutions Provider. Hire Firebrain Solutions as your Microsoft Team to help you enhance Business Solutions and its Implementation. Our Microsoft team will help you with customized solutions to meet your business needs. Our solutions are intellectual, mobile, and secured, providing great value to the business. Also, we will assist and guide your business to move forward to higher levels using Microsoft Azure Platform.

In short, we will provide you with the following services: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 Business Central. Contact us to discuss your consulting needs and learn how we can help you.

Get the most out of Microsoft Consulting Services & Solutions. Contact Firebrain Solutions today to get Microsoft solutions for your business.

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