5 Reasons why Power BI be considered as your Business Solution?

Power BI

In today’s advanced world, businesses operate in diverse market, and with diverse customer base. With rapidly emerging new technologies, managing customer needs is quite a challenge. Customers have clearly defined needs and budgets. Therefore, businesses need to offer quality products and services to succeed.

And this success clearly relies on how managed is business data and effectiveness of the business decisions. That’s where Business Intelligence Software comes in action. It helps in complex decision making and data management.

This is the era of Business Intelligence. BI provides real-time solutions. It helps businesses to be agile, effective and competitive. Many companies in the market specialize in business intelligence solutions. But Microsoft stands out from them all. Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Power BI as the best solution provider.

Thinking about implementing BI Solutions for your business?


Is Microsoft Power BI right for your business?

Let’s go further to know what is Power BI and why it’s worthy for your business.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based Business Analytics Tool based on Business Intelligence Technology. It is one of the leading BI tools in the market. This tool interacts with data, analyze it and turns it into meaningful and intelligent insights. It can connect data from multiple sources, including on-premise and cloud-based platforms.

Compared to other tools, it has many advantages. It offers interactive dashboards, rich visualizations and quick reports. Also, you can share them on the web and across mobile devices. Business can benefit with data modeling, data shaping and real time analytics.

Microsoft Power BI offer different products for different business needs. For instance:

Power BI Desktop, Pro, Premium, Report Server, Mobile, Embedded.

Now that you know about Microsoft Power BI, let’s learn why it’s the best choice for your business.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why Power BI be considered as your Business Solution.

1. Real-time information and streaming

With streaming data becoming more popular, every business demands it. Microsoft Power BI offers Real-time information and streaming.

This feature provides you with:

  • Push and stream datasets in real-time
  • Shows real-time visuals
  • Update dashboards and reports in real-time

These stream data sources can be social media sources, factory sensors or anything which provides time-sensitive data. All these together, allow users with quick problem solutions and can foresee future opportunities. This gives companies an edge over others using outdated information.

2. Open-Source Visualization

Another benefit that Microsoft Power BI provides is visualization. It is flexible and doesn’t stick with one solution for all. Microsoft offers visual SDK in Power BI.

It comes with pre-packed, open-source, enormous library of rich data visuals for enhancing reports. For example, matrix, table, pie charts, bar, column, map, scatter and line. Each of these also provides customization for better presentation and functionality. These amazing and interactive visualizations provide great value to users.

However, you can also create your own custom visuals from scratch. It has a drag-and-drop customization feature. It’s very easy and innovative to create visuals. They even offer integration with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Excel and SQL Server.

3. Power Apps Visual

Firstly, if you are unfamiliar with Power Apps, Power Apps is a tool that enables users to create and use business apps. These apps can run on web browsers & operating systems like Android, Windows and iOS. These apps don’t even need coding experience and provides simplified interface.

If you use Power Apps, you can use Power Apps Visual in your Power BI Report.  Using the Power Apps Visual, you can pass contextual data to your custom Power App. This provides users access to real-time data insights. Even when you make changes, users will get the updates.

This makes easy for business to share data insights with staff who only have the access of the custom app. It can share the insights quickly and the feedbacks will be quicker and apt.

4. Cortana Integration

Cortana is Microsoft’s personal Digital Assistant. It is a very smart and reliable platform. Also, it is the first voice interface for Power BI. When you integrate Cortana with Power BI, you can develop amazing Business Intelligence Solutions.

Users can ask questions, either by typing or verbally, and can get instant access to visualised data like charts, reports, graphics. The verbal feature is specifically helpful for mobile users. You can ask questions and can get rich, data-driven answers.

Cortana works seamlessly with business analytics solutions and provides answers directly from business datasets. It can answer multi-tier questions.

5. Value-added Features

Besides above features, Microsoft Power BI offers some value-added features as well for more enhanced functioning.

  • Data Modeling

Data Modeling connects multiple data sources in BI tool. A well-developed BI model creates strong BI solution. Power BI is packed with efficient data modeling features. With this feature users can build custom calculations in existing tables. And, can present it through Powe BI visualizations. This helps business define new metrics.

  • Data Shaping

Data Shaping is extracting data from multiple sources, shaping that data as per the need and then loading it into Power BI. Power BI offers built-in tool Power Query Editor, which is flexible and has a lot of features. You can do Data Shaping using this tool. This tool also offers users to dig deeper into the DAX Language.


It’s no doubt why Microsoft Power BI is so popular among businesses these days. All these above reasons clearly state it’s value in market. It stays ahead of its competition in the market. It unlocks new ways for BI Solutions.

So, if you are looking for better reporting and analyzing platform, Microsoft Power BI is your solution. It’s the right time to take advantage of it’s tools and services to improve your business BI Solutions. With Power BI you can easily visualize and analyze data, get better insights, interactive dashboards, and rich data reports. In-short it helps in quick and smart business decision making.

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