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10 Facts About Logo Design That Will Blow Your Mind

Firebrain Editor March 27, 2021 0 Comments

A logo is more than a symbol. It is something that defines your brand. It is the first thing any customer will notice about your business. We see many logos every day, very few of them stick in our minds. A logo is the first step in building your brand.

In today’s blog, we will know 10 fun facts about Logo Design that will blow your mind. Let’s dive in.

  1. The most popular logo colour is blue. There are a lot of brands that use blue as a signature colour. Blue evokes trust, reliability, honesty, secure and many brands want to be associated with it. There are many types of research on reactions to blue and other colours. It turns out that blue colour doesn’t do well in comparison to other brands colour. 

2. Many people think logo as a symbol and there are 7 types of logos. And combination logos rule the field. In fortune 500 companies, over 60% use combination logos because it’s versatile and allow brands to use the icon and text. 

 3. There is an interesting story behind Domino’s Pizza logo. Do you know why they have 3 dots on their logo? In the beginning, when there were only 3 original Domino’s stores in 1965. They added 3 dots on their logo and planned to add a new dot for every new store. But they had to stop this due to the fast growth of the franchise. 

4. The most popular logo font style is Sans Serif. Many brands use Sans Serif font because it’s clean, achieve a minimalist design and add a modern feel to the logo. These are easier to read on screens. Sans Serif fonts have been around for centuries but, they exploded in this computer era. The first documented sans serif font was published by William Caslon IV in 1816.  

5. Did you know? Lowercase logos are the least popular. Yes, they are notable. Many big brands like Mastercard, eBay, and Intel are using that. 

6. Who designed Google Logo? Did you ever ask yourself this question? It was designed by its co-founder, Sergey Brin with a free graphic program called GIMP. 

7. Social media giant “Twitter”, the old logo design cost was just $15. The bird was taken from iStockphoto. 

8. One of the oldest logos in the world is Nestle’s Eagle Brand, registered their trademark in Hong Kong, 1874.  

9. Animated logos are in trend but they are not new. In 1928, MGM Studios pioneered the animated logo with their first real lion mascot, roaring at the start of every movie. 

10. The famous Coca-Cola logo was designed by Frank Mason Robinson. He was the founder’s bookkeeper.  


First impressions happen faster than you think. Logos are the most important part of your company, and a poor logo cannot give a consistent experience. These days, customers judge a brand based on the shape of its logo. The simpler your logo is, the more memorable it will be.