7 Microsoft SharePoint unknown facts you need to know about now

Microsoft SharePoint

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, with everything going online, why not go for online Document Management and Storage? Cloud Computing is what you need right now. And Microsoft SharePoint is your solution.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based Document Management and Collaboration System. It uses applications and tools integrated with Office 365 to allow business team to work together. It assists business team with documents security and collaborations. SharePoint is a reliable and professional tool that helps business in growing its functionality.

It’s basically a Content Management System, used by enterprises for internal data management and integration. It allows organizing, storing, managing, and sharing documents. This platform is a key-player in driving business actions to the next level. SharePoint helps business processes to run smoothly.

Core functions of Microsoft SharePoint are:

  • Store and share documents in an effective format unlike offline folders.

SharePoint serves as a single infrastructure for multiple business websites. This provides document sharing and project management with the colleagues, teams and the business partners.

  • Bring team together to receive important information

SharePoint provides collaboration tools, making it easy for people to share information and ideas and work together.

There are few facts that most people don’t know about SharePoint and get confused.

So, Here are these 7 facts about Microsoft SharePoint that you need to know about now.

1. Few Impressive Statistics

First, let’s know about some statistics figures on SharePoint.

  • Over 100 Million people worldwide use SharePoint.
  • Almost 50% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint.
  • SharePoint makes around $2 Billion every year for Microsoft.
  • Every day Microsoft adds up approximately 20,000 SharePoint users.

All these figures show the value of SharePoint in the market and how popular it is becoming. With big companies using it, it’s becoming a necessity in the modern business world.

2. Co-Authoring Documents

Co-authoring in SharePoint allows multiple-users to work at the same time in a document without interfering in each other’s work. SharePoint Co-authoring is easy to use. This feature will help the enterprise avoid coincidental multiple versions of the document by reducing the need to share attachments. This also reduces network and storage overhead.

The authors can see who is working and what they are working on. Also, the authors will get notified when any changes or edits are saved. This is supported on modern file formats including: .pptx (Power Point), .docx (Word), and .xlsx (Excel).

3. Supports code less environment

Coding is quite a complex process. And, in this age of Cloud Computing, Codeless development platform is rare. But, SharePoint has made it all work with its amazing capabilities. Microsoft SharePoint is packed with user-friendly tools and components that offer building codeless solutions. These solutions help in rapidly responding to the current and new business needs.

4. Microsoft OneDrive Tool

Many times users confuse OneDrive with OneDrive for Business. These are two different concepts which need to be communicated well in organizations.

OneDrive is the Microsoft Cloud Service that allows users to manage their files. It lets you store, edit, sync, protect and access your files and share them with multiple users.

However, OneDrive for Business isn’t a pro version of OneDrive. OneDrive for Business is mainly used in the corporate world. It provides corporate users with additional features, for example, more storage capacity, and advanced versioning.

5. Microsoft SharePoint Mobility

Today users expect a Mobile Responsive Website and a Mobile App for the Website. This makes companies to work on their website or app’s mobility. Microsoft’s SharePoint also provide operations on Mobile Devices. You can either work on Mobile Web View or Mobile App.

To access SharePoint on mobile, you need to work on it. You can build a master page and a CSS for this. Also, mobile apps and solutions increases productivity. But it’s all together a unique experience in SharePoint Mobile Version Interface.

6. You can use SharePoint in 3 different modes – On-Premise, Cloud and Hybrid

Today, organisations have multiple options for setting up and configuring their SharePoint platform. You can set it up in 3 different modes. First, you can move to online through the cloud. Second, you can move to on-premises using company hardware. Or to the third mode, Hybrid Approach managed via an IaaS provider.

In Cloud Versions, SharePoint works with very minimal resources and hardware. In On-premises Versions needs more people and hardware than cloud. You require an IT team to maintain server and to install updates. And, in Hybrid Version, it enables users in SharePoint on-premises to get the feature of SharePoint Online functionality.

7. Audience Targeting

To personalize viewing experience, SharePoint allows Audience Targeting for its users. It ensures that the specific content gets to the right audience through web parts, navigation links and page libraries.

Users can simply enable audience targeting for site navigation. You can even create a home page and add relevant content available to the audience. By using this feature rightly, you can drive quality traffic.


Aren’t all these facts enough to know the popularity and value of SharePoint?

In Conclusion, With every growing day Microsoft SharePoint is becoming more powerful. Microsoft designed it keeping security in mind and has a lot of capabilities. SharePoint offers you with many tools to build the business blocks. Investing in Microsoft SharePoint Solutions helps users grow their business and increase productivity. SharePoint is surely worth all your efforts.

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